Natural Pain Solutions To Keep Your Body in Motion.

Non-Surgical Joint Regeneration

At Core Wellness Clinic our focus is on Naturopathic Orthopedic medicine, Regenerative Injection Therapies and holistic musculoskeletal medicine. Our goal is to break the pain cycle quickly and get you moving. We offer Regenerative Therapies along with movement therapies to help people adapt to, overcome and correct pain and disfunction. Regenerative Medicine is most effective for patients who are active, athletic and training for life. Our full range of services are aimed at quickly and effectively restoring your optimal health so that you can get on with a pain free life!

Vis Medicatrix Naturae | The Healing Power of Nature

Your body knows how to heal itself, we take advantage of that by harnessing the healing potential of your body’s own bio-cellular potential. We understand that even the most diligent and committed people need help sometimes. An injury, trauma, accident, even changes brought on by aging can introduce imbalances and pain that require expert advice and treatment to overcome.

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Natural injection therapy for chronic and acute conditions like joint pain and arthritis.

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Platelet Rich Plasma

Working with your body’s own natural growth factors to heal and rejuvenate your tissues.

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Biocellular Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell treatments for active individuals looking for alternatives to cortisone injections and joint surgery.

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