Patient Testimonials

Several years ago, I suffered fairly severe injuries to my shoulder and forearm that included a severe labral tear and multiple torn tendons with nerve damage. After a couple of surgeries, things were better but not great. Over the years, they got much worse. Being in my late 40s, I discovered that surgery was far less promising than when I was younger and so I investigated PRP and decided to ask Dr. Moore for Help. After two treatments, I was shocked at the sudden recovery of the tendons and nerves in my forearm, and was able to resume weight training that was previously impossible. It’s hard to exaggerate just how much better my arm is — nearly 100%. I have recovered nearly all of the muscle atrophy that occurred in my shoulder and arm and my overall pain is a fraction of what is was before treatment. I couldn’t be happier with my decision, and with Dr. Moore’s knowledge, skill and professionalism.


Love Dr. Moore and her staff! It is so refreshing to encounter caregivers with expertise, passion and the patient’s health as priority one. Dr. Moore was honest about my limited prospects, convinced me to use a less expensive treatment and her staff has followed up regularly for months. The strategy seems to be working well and I am on my way to full recovery. Thank you!


At the beginning of my treatments my hip was at about 20-25% mobility. After 3 rounds of PRP my hip is at about 70% mobility! I am very pleased with my results!


The PRP treatment worked fantastic! I’ve been back to hard training the last three weeks and my strength is almost back up to 100%. I’m not feeling any discomfort with boxing or wrestling and my knees feel better than they have in years.


I had PRP for my right shoulder and am happy to say that for the first time in two plus years, I am at about 100% and feeling wonderful!  There is no pain in my shoulder and everything feels awesome!  Thank you so much!


I was told I needed both knees replaced so I looked into alternative procedures. Through my daughter, I found out about PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and Dr. Moore and decided to try this route first. It was recommended I receive 3 sets of injections every other month so I began End of April 2016 and ended in August 2016. My knees were so bad I was basically walking only when I absolutely had to and remained mostly on the couch. It has been 6 months since my last set of injections and I am able to walk up and down stairs without holding onto a railing. I can hike at least 3 miles up and down hill, all though I have yet to try the gorge. I am now able to cycle at a gym, perform squats, and perform dance exercise at least 5 days a week. I highly recommend giving this procedure and Dr. Moore a try.


I discovered PRP when searching for non-surgical options for treatment. I began treatments with another doctor; with little success. After finding Dr. Moore, she gave me a comprehensive evaluation, and decided to treat my knee using a different method than before. After two rounds of treatment, my knee hasn’t given me any trouble and I have been able to return back to my active lifestyle.


For the past 5 years, I have dealt with chronic pain in my lower back and left hip. The pain affected not only my physical activities, but also my day to day life. After being treated by Dr. Moore using Stem Cells and PRP, I’m excited to say the pain is gone! I have now been pain free for 7 months!


70-80% improvement in chronic, arthritic hip pain after 2 PRP treatments with Dr. Moore.


100% improvement in pain and range of motion following 1 PRP treatment to my shoulder.  Pain was severe and caused by a partial thickness tear in the rotator cuff from a car accident.


After an injury to my wrist I was in significant pain and unable to work.  Dr. Moore injected me one time with PRP and I’ve had 100% improvement in pain and range of motion.  I can’t even tell that I had an issue in the first place!



I have had extensive Prolotherapy from other practitioners and your treatment of my left shoulder and knee was the best I’ve had!  You hit spots that have plagued me for 20 years and are much improved as a result.



Dr. Moore has treated my wrists, my TMJ, both of my knees, my hip and my spine with Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma.  Every time it has helped me and I have had major improvements in my pain. I am over 60 and she keeps me going!


My experience with PRP has been phenomenal.  A surgeon looked at the x-rays of my knees and seeing the bone on bone osteoarthritis and recommended complete knee replacement for both knees but I knew Dr Tyna Moore would have a treatment that would work better. She was also able to treat me successfully following a tibial plateau fracture with PRP. It took just a few painless PRP treatments for my knees to become pain free more flexible than ever.


I am 55 years old and my first knee surgery to remove meniscus was at age 13, I have been dealing with arthritis in my knees for a very very long time.  Just when I was about to walk away from yoga cause I couldn’t get into a warrior pose, I contacted Dr. Tyna and she suggested PRP.  I did it and just yesterday (two weeks from injections) had my best yoga class in over 10 years.  So grateful!


Dr. Moore loves what she does and it shows. She is a Jedi master when it comes to needles. I didn’t even see it coming! I had shoulder impingement problems and couldn’t do push-ups or weights without the shoulder keeping me back. I had one treatment of prolotherapy in my shoulder and now I have better range of motion, increase stability and decreased pain! Her office is beautiful, and her office manager is kind and helpful. I highly recommend her office, you won’t be disappointed!


After an MRI, x-rays, time off from biking and running, and physical therapists telling me there was nothing they could do; my tendons still hurt. Then I found Core Wellness Clinic. Dr. Moore not only took me seriously, she also gave me the tools to heal.


After 7 years of constant pain in my low back, and after trying every therapy that I knew of, I finally tried Platelet Rich Plasma. After just one treatment, I saw a 90% improvement! I’m now able to walk around with little to no pain!


When I hear of friends and others that have had knee and hip problems, I am thankful that I have been fortunate enough to have had Dr. Tyna Moore’s expertise. Her treatments using Adipose Stem Cells have saved my joints!


After breaking my hip, I was in constant pain that could not be alleviated using other therapies. After treatment from Dr. Tyna Moore, I was able to return to life pain free!


Dr. Moore was very knowledgeable, kind and friendly. It was a nice change to have a medical professional take the time to answer all my questions.”


Unable to even walk half a block due to intense back & hip pain, PRP treatment was suggested by my Naturopath. Two weeks after my treatment I walked 14 miles over 2 1/2 days, three weeks after I am up to 20 miles. Thanks to Dr. Moore and her loving staff I will make my goal of 10 miles a day for my vacation to Venice that is fast approaching!


After having PRP treatments with Dr. Moore, I can now say that I’ve gotten my life back!


With the help of Platelet Rich Plasma and Dr. Moore’s knowledge and expertise, I am happy to say that my knee is the best its been in 24 years!


After Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma treatments, I now have 100% improvement in strength and mobility in my left leg!


Cheap injections aren’t good and good injections aren’t cheap. I chose Dr. Moore because of her reputation in stem cell therapy and found the experience to be excellent and very high quality, as well as being reasonably priced. My hip feels better than it has in decades, it’s more stable, much less pain and I’m getting stronger daily. I hardly notice my shoulder pain anymore and I had been living with chronic pain in both joints for years.


Dr. Moore has helped me to recover from multiple injuries. I am a competitive athlete and pushing 40, and find myself dealing with injuries quite frequently (neck injuries, torn labrum, meniscus, etc) I have received dozens of PRP treatments in different injuries and so far have recovered well with less time lost than surgery and less expensive cost than surgery. She is currently treating my torn medial meniscus. I highly recommend her, and trust her judgment.

H. E.

Plus one for Dr Tyna Moore! I blew up my knee last fall. I did a complete tear of the MLC, multiple tears to the meniscus and a partial tear of the ACL. I met with a couple of orthopedics prior to talking with Dr Moore. The orthopedics recommended surgery. I would have been non weight bearing for 2 months and then 6 months of rehab with a 80% successes rate. After one round of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma injections) with Dr Moore and extensive rehab I was back on the water in 5.5 months and now, 7.5 months after the injury, I am nearly 100% with no surgery. With any joint injury I would call her first. She is very good at what she does.


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