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Give your Scalp, Face and vagina a boost with

Natural Regenerative Medicine treatments!

At Core Wellness Clinic was are able to use the same cutting edge technology on your balding scalp, facial wrinkles and vagina as we do on your injured joints. Our specially formulated Platelet Rich Plasma and Adipose Stem Cells can be strategically injected to promote collagen, skin, and hair regrowth.  We also are able to offer advanced micro-needling using the Dermapen device to the following areas:

  • Face 
  • Hairline and scalp (for balding and hair loss in men and women)
  • Neck and Decolletage
  • Backs of Hands
  • Scars and Keloids
  • Stretch Marks
  • Vaginal Tissues


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We can harness your own body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate to assist you in looking and feeling your best, completely naturally!

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