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If you’ve landed here, it’s likely because you are a doctor interested in Regenerative Medicine Trainings. 

I have committed my entire life and career to Prolotherapy and regenerative medicine and my most favorite activity in medicine is teaching these skills to other practitioners.

I have been immersed in Regenerative Injection Therapies and Naturopathic Pain Management for over 22 years, going back to when I started working for my mentor, Dr. Rick Marinelli. I have been in practice for over a decade and my practice is 100% injection therapy based. I live and breathe this stuff. I am also a Chiropractor which I know brings a very unique and beneficial slant to my trainings, as these therapies are about so much more than injecting “juice in the joint”.

To participate in any of Dr. Moore’s trainings you must first have a license to inject in the state you practice in, as well as malpractice to cover injection therapies in your practice. As far as students go, you must be a 4th year student at one of the accredited Naturopathic colleges in the US.

To get started, get on the list above. My courses sell out in a matter of hours to days.

Step 1: Get on the list above to be notified first!

Step 2: You MUST attend an in-person, live Art of Needling course to move forward with any further in-person trainings. This is a weekend course that happens two times a year at my clinic in Portland, OR. Think of this course as the required “Module 1” of all trainings to come. Without it you will be lost in my prolo trainings. It is also highly suggested that you take it, even if you never plan on training with me further, because it will make you a far better injection therapist. See the description below.

Step 3: In the meantime, and to attend any further Prolotherapy in-person trainings with me, you must take the Online Prolo 101: Introduction to Prolotherapy and Regenerative Medicine course.

Step 4: Further trainings in Prolotherapy are also online and required to train in-person. Currently I am offering the Prolo 101: Lower Extremity online course. This is the pre-req for the corresponding in-person prolo training on the lower extremity. Basically, you learn all the didactic online, and all the hands-on “how to” in-person.

Yes, this is a process. Learning to be a good Prolotherapist is a process. I’ve trained doctors all over the world and I can tell you with certainty, there is a method to my approach.

Being a GOOD Prolotherapist is a learning curve. Beyond that, without being a good Prolotherapist, you will never be good with PRP or anything fancier. Ultrasound guided injections are way down the line in the training process. Focus on getting fantastic with your anatomy, palpation skills, and basic needing. Having solid orthopedic skills helps tremendously as well.

This is NOT a skill-set you can learn in a 4 hour course as an “add-on” to a regenerative orthopedic conference. This is something you learn over time and there is a step-wise progression to it.

My way is not for everyone, which is fine, I hold docs to a high standard and I run a tight ship. But my way is proven, tried and true. The process is more rigorous than most, my expectations are higher and the outcomes are stronger than many of the trainings I’ve seen out there. I base the training model on my Chiropractic training, which may not be easy, but it gets you there.

If you strive to be the best at what you do and you know you have what it takes to be an excellent Prolotherapist, I invite you to check it out.

First steps: Get on the List, grab the Prolo 101: Intro course and keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Art of Needing training.

We have a LOT of fun in my trainings and people leave having leveled up in their skills.


In health,

Dr. Tyna Moore


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the-art-of-needlingThe Art of Needling:

Naturopathic Therapeutic Injections

by Tyna Moore, ND, DC

*Please be sure to get on THIS list to be notified FIRST for upcoming course offerings! 

This course will cover the Fundamentals of Needling. Everything you need know to administer trusted Naturopathic injection therapies in a comfortable, efficient and effective manner.


Why you should attend:

There is more to needling than just sticking it where you think it needs to go. There is holding the syringe properly to optimize control and comfort, how the needle traverses the skin, how to use the needle to palpate, how to manipulate the needle and syringe as a fine art instrument.
The Art of Needling course was borne out of my frustration with watching students take a full day or two in a Prolotherapy course just trying to figure out how to handle a syringe and needle. Many come in saying “Oh, I needle all of the time, I can do Prolo”, but in all honesty, their hand skills were sub-optimal. On top of that, their anatomy knowledge and palpation skills were often very weak. The other problem I have seen repeatedly is watching ND’s fumble around with the syringe and needle at other courses like the AAOM, etc. That does not make us look good as a profession.
My main objective is to get you comfortable with a needle in your hands as well as knowing when and where each of these therapies is most appropriate. Anyone can administer an injection, but few can do it with style and comfort.


What you will learn:

The skills I find missing in all of the more advanced Prolotherapy type courses are these fundamentals. The beginner students are often lost in these more advanced settings. They are not comfortable holding a syringe, using it as a fine instrument, palpating and keeping the patient comfortable. You will leave having these basic skills so you can advance your knowledge in injection therapies with confidence and skill.

You will also walk away with the skills to palpate, identify and treat trigger point injections, scars, fascial adhesions, back pain, neck pain, myalgia and sprain/strains. You will also learn when injection therapy is NOT appropriate based on the patient’s history and physical exam.

We will discuss Dry Needling, Trigger Point Injections, Neural Prolotherapy, Mesotherapy and other soft tissue injections. We will cover the history of these techniques, injection solutions, needle size, technique, application, proper diagnostics, orthopedics and soft tissue injuries as well as how to gain confidence and skill with a needle.

Utilizing Injection Therapies in practice are not only very effective treatment tools, but will allow you to maximize your income by adding more procedures to your tool kit. You will return home to your clinic and very quickly be able to recoup your expenses from this seminar.

This is NOT a Prolotherapy course!

Why me?

The knowledge presented here comes from my extensive education in Musculoskeletal Medicine that I’ve gleaned from my Chiropractic and Naturopathic training, running a successful cash Regenerative Medicine Practice for many years, as well as from spending nearly 20 years learning from Rick Marinelli, ND, LAc. I’ve trained with the best in the field and have committed my practice 100% to Regenerative Injection Therapies. Bottom line, I am good with a needle and have many pearls of wisdom to share. I take Docere to heart and teach/lecture often all over North America as well as South America.

What else will you get?

Participants will receive an electronic library gold mine of Injection Therapy information including resources, educational materials, e-books, buyers guide, consent forms, etc.



This class is limited to 12 participants. CEU cleared with OBNE for 11 general hours.

Course to be held at Core Wellness Clinic. 14511 Westlake Dr. Ste 148, Lake Oswego, OR 97035



Aesthetics PRP Facial and Hair Rejuvenation Course

By Tyna Moore, ND, DC

*Please be sure to get on THIS list to be notified FIRST for upcoming course offerings! 


In this course we will cover PRP of the face for facial rejuvenation, as well as scalp injections for hair rejuvenation. For the first time I am going to teach my injection technique for the vagina as well (this is NOT what you will get with Oshot training).


We will discuss how results differ from dermal filler & botox, etc. Micro-needling and use of blunt tipped cannulas will be discussed and demoed.


I will also provide participants with my PRP recipe which is road tested and yields excellent results with low inflammation.


We will not be injecting one another in this course but you will see HOW I inject the models. I teach my technique so as to keep bruising to a minimum and comfort maximized.

This class is limited to 12 participants. 

Course to be held at Core Wellness Clinic. 14511 Westlake Dr. Ste 148, Lake Oswego, OR 97035