All About PRP Injections with Dr. Jay Davidson

Dr. Jay Davidson and I discuss the benefits of both prolotherapy and PRP, the best ways to prepare, ideal body parts to inject, and our own personal experiences receiving the treatment. One of the most popular interviews I’ve given!

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Healing Pain Podcast with Joe Tatta PT, DPT-

Regenerative Injection Therapies to Heal Persistent Joint Pain

I had a great time talking with my friend Joe Tatta on his new podcast! Joe is a great physical therapist and clinical nutritionist, and has also trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine.

In this podcast we discussed:

  • Regenerative injection therapies including prolotherapy and platelet rich plasma.
  • The effectiveness of regenerative injection therapies versus surgery or cortisone.
  • How these treatments are combined with physical therapy.
  • Nutrition, exercise and fitness tips to live a strong and pain-free life!

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High Intensity Health with Mike Mutzel

Podcast Episode #138 with Tyna Moore, ND, DC 

“Balancing Female Hormones with Weight Training”

Mike Mutzel is one of the world’s leading experts on clinical nutrition and functional medicine. In April of 2014 Mike launched his first book, Belly Fat Effect: The Real Secret About How Your Diet, Intestinal Health, and Gut Bacteria Help You Burn Fat. In this interview we had a great time discussing how women can lift weights to optimize our hormones! I encourage you to check it out.


Why Having A Strong Butt is Important

Dr. Jay Davidson Interviews Dr. Tyna Moore

Listen in to learn about the most important full body movements you can do. See what muscles most people are lacking and how it affects them on a daily basis, then dive into the easiest way to fix it!

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Pain Free Living: Laya Raznick Interviews Dr. Tyna Moore

Laya Raznick interviewed me recently on her Pain Free Living Summit, and we had a great time! We discuss the dangers of NSAIDS (Advil, Aleve) and alternate ways to find pain-relief. Listen to learn more!

Exercise and Brain Function:

Leah Lund Interviews Dr. Tyna Moore

My interview on Leah Lund’s Reboot Your Brain Summit!  We discuss the benefits and necessity of exercise on brain function. You simply cannot have a healthy brain if you are not getting daily movement. And an inflamed brain means an inflamed body. Watch to learn more!

30/30 STRONG

 Guillermo Ruiz and Dr. Tyna Moore

Discuss Naturopathic Approaches to Pain

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Guillermo Ruiz is an up-and-coming 4th-year student at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. He asked me some fantastic questions about my approach to pain, both orthopedically and systemically. Check it out!


Interview with Greg Gottfried of Hammer Shed

My buddy Greg Gottfried from Hammer Shed came to visit me in my clinic awhile back and we broke it down. He’s had me on the show in the past, this time was even better. This is a candid and information filled podcast that I know you will enjoy. Man or woman, learn how strength training can help you and why your goal should be strength as well. Find out what the barbell can do for you!


Beautiful Sexy Badass Interview with Terry Sobon

I had so much fun in my conversation with the wonderful Terry Sobon! We discussed several of my favorite topics.

What you will learn:

  • The hormonal benefits of strength training for women and men.
  • The Overall benefits of strength training, including detoxification, brain health, inflammation and more.
  • Why steady state cardio is not the answer for optimal weight loss or sustained weight loss.
  • Why it’s important to keep some fat on you! Especially as a woman, for hormonal benefit.
  • How strength training improves sleep, sex and your sanity.

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Woman Meets Weights interview with David Sean

David Sean is a an expert in the field of Nutrition Coaching and Competition Prep. He put on an excellent health summit all about Women and the benefits of Strength Training. I was honored to be a part of it! We talked all about building muscle through strength training, my thoughts on steady state cardio, the hormonal and health benefits of lean skeletal muscle mass, why women should strength train, etc. The list goes on. You will enjoy this!


Essential Oil Educator interview with Marv Johnson

Marv and I had a great time talking about some of the highlights of my FREE Webinar called Pain-Free & Lean 2016. We talked Prolotherapy and Regenerative Injection Therapies, Naturopathic approaches to pain reduction, food, movement, strength training, sleep and more! Check it out, it was a fun talk.


Hammer Shed interview with Greg Gottfried

Greg and I had a great time talking about Prolotherapy, PRP, Stem Cells and all things regenerative medicine. We discuss inflammation, sleep, nutrition, hormones and how important it is to get and stay STRONG!

Check it out and share it if you think it would help someone you know.

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