Physician Referrals

Dr. Moore often gets phone calls directly from other Physicians to discuss whether or not a patient is a good fit for Regenerative Injection Therapies. The simple answer is that it’s rarely possible to tell without seeing that person face-to-face, taking a history and doing some further info gathering with the patient directly. We have implemented a system that we think will make the process more simple for you and for your patients.

If you are a Physician or Health Care Practitioner and would like to know if a patient is a good fit for Regenerative Injection Therapies or would like to refer a patient in for care, refer them for an Online Consultation with Dr. Moore.

Why do we take this step? After 10 years in practice and thousands of regenerative injection treatments later, Dr. Moore is determined not to waste any patient’s time.

As frequent physical activity is a key requirement of successful treatment, Dr. Moore is currently only seeing athletes and other active individuals. There are also other risk factors that we screen for to ensure that a person is a good candidate for the treatment.

Sometimes the pain is more systemic in nature than anything and reviewing a patient’s case with them online is often a very strong start in determining this.

If, on the other hand, the potential patient is determined to be too inflamed or not in a good place for optimal healing or to receive these therapies, we are sure to let them know up front. Dr. Moore will refer them back to the referring doctor in such cases.

The button for Online Consultations can be found on our home page and is easily accessible for patients directly.

Thank you so much for your referrals and we promise to take good care of your patients.