Dr. Moore specializes in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies to treat all varieties of musculoskeletal conditions. As both a board-certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and orthopedic conditions. Dr. Moore practices exclusively Regenerative Injection Therapies and non-surgical pain management for orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.


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 Episode 45 - Mark the Dog Guy: Following his heart to rescue dogs in need

When I first saw this video I admittedly cried. My life's calling has always been to help animals, I've come to realize. It's always been that way in my heart. Mark The Dog Guy followed his heart and became a groomer to help these animals get adopted out and find their forever homes. I can't express how much I admire and love...

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 Episode 44 - How Your Hormones and Cortisol are Affecting Your Health with Dr. Carrie Jones

Listen in to learn how your hormones and cortisol are affecting every aspect of your health. I'll be interviewing hormone expert, Dr. Carrie Jones, about all things hormonal. Why can't you lose that extra belly fat? Why do you wake up fatigued and have a hard time getting going? What do your hormones have to do with it?

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 Episode 43 - Dr. Carol Lourie on Breast Cancer

I get to talk to this wonderful and brilliant doctor about breast cancer. Don't miss this! Join me as I interview Dr. Carol Lourie on my Pain-Free & Strong Radio Show.

Links mentioned in this show:


 Episode 42 - Pain-Free & Strong: The Book!

Be sure to grab a copy of my FREE book and learn the 6 foundational pillars of health that will help you regain vitality, improve mobility and restore your energy. Head to www.drtyna.com for your free copy now!"


 Episode 41- Type 1 Diabetes Real Talk with Dr. Jody Stanislaw

What you need to know about Type 1 Diabetes vs. Type 2 as well as what to do about it from a Naturopathic lifestyle management point of view.

Links mentioned in the show:

website for contacting Dr. Jody and online course: www.drjodynd.com
Link to have a free call with Dr. Jody: consultwithdrjody.com/type1
Medium for blog articles: medium.com/@dr.jodynd 


 Episode 40- Want to know how you gut health impacts, well, EVERYTHING?

Dr. Adam Rinde Naturopathic Physician as we break it down, ND style. Dr. Rinde is an incredibly intelligent, kind and compassionate doc.....you won't want to miss this one!


 Episode 39- The Lyme Solution with Dr. Darin Ingels

Got Lyme? Know someone who does? Unfortunately, the CDC says this is going to be one terrible tick season and Lyme is no joke. It can ruin lives and devastate health. It is also a very common cause of chronic pain. My friend and colleague, Dr. Darin Ingels and I will discuss Lyme disease and his new book, The Lyme Solution.


 Episode 38- Flavor Chef Lance Roll discusses bone broth for joint health and vitality

Excited to talk to the Flavor Chef himself, Chef Lance Roll tomorrow on Pain-Free & Strong Radio! We will be discussing food as medicine, bone broth for joint health and more


 Episode 37- The Human Longevity Project with Jason Prall

Who wants to know the secrets to aging well and living to be 100? This man traveled the world to find them. Join me tomorrow as I interview Jason Prall of the Human Longevity Project about the blue zones, living a long and vital life, microbiome and mitochondria. We even nerd out a bit, it was super fun!


 Episode 36- Dr. David Brady, author of The Fibro Fix with Dr. Tyna Moore

Excited to talk to a doctor that I have been a big fan of for a LONG time. There aren't that many fellow ND/DCs out there and this one has done some extraordinary things in his career.


 Episode 35- The Collapse of Health Care with Dr. Thaddeus Gala

Excited for you to hear this compelling interview with Dr. Thaddeus Gala about how health insurance is broken and how depending on it to save our country's health situation is a lost cause. True and lasting health comes from doing the work it takes to stay healthy. Dr Gala has helped hundreds of thousands of patients regain their lives back....


 Episode 34- Men's Health with Dr. Geo Espinosa

Men, this one is all you! Join me and my friend Dr. Geo Espinosa tomorrow on Pain-Free & Strong Radio while we discuss integrative sexual health, prostate and men's health and all things deadlifts! Bc deadlifts fix everything.



 Episode 33- Coach John Odden- Why You Need a Strength Coach

I've been waiting a long time to interview this guy. Strength and Conditioning Coach and StrongFirst Iron Man John Odden. This man is the coach to coaches and we are going to talk about WHY it's so critical to hire a good strength coach when you start lifting so as to STAY SAFE.



 Episode 32- Episode 32: Pain-Free & Strong: The Book!

Be sure to grab a copy of my FREE book and learn the 6 foundational pillars of health that will help you regain vitality, improve mobility and restore your energy. Head to www.drtyna.com for your free copy now!"


 Episode31- Brain-Pain with Tara Miller and Dr. Tyna Moore

Tara Miller and I sat down and talked about how pain is in the brain, as much as it is in the tissues. I talk to my patients about "brain pain" and we hear a lot about it in physical medicine circles, but what can actually be done about it? How does trauma set up shop in your brain, long after your tissues have healed? How does it alter your...

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 Episode30- Why It's Important to Be Well Conditioned Prior to Receiving Regenerative Injection Therapies.

I am often asked why I believe it is important to enter into regenerative injection therapies with some muscle on ones frame and why I am choosy in my patient selection. After a decade in practice, I am well aware that these therapies do not hold as well on patients who are deconditioned. I have lived it, as I was one of them in years past....

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 Episode29- Shawn Wells and Dr. Tyna Moore discuss Ketosis and Insulin

Shawn Wells and I discuss ketosis, insulin, cholesterol and the the two labs everyone should have ran at least once a year. They could save your life!


 Episode 28- Kiran Krishnan discusses the microbiome and MegaSporeBiotic

He's back! I had my mind blown with round 1, so I've invited Kiran Krishnan back to a second take. This time we are going to really get into the microbiome and specifically his main spore product, Megaspore Biotic. I've been taking this product for the past month and it's changed my life. Not joking. We get deep into the product, how it works and why it is a groundbreaking way to support one's microbiome. Be sure to link above for a FREE webinar on Leaky Gut that Kiran and I also did, as well as listen to Episode 24 for more with Kiran.

Links mentioned in the show:

FREE Leaky Gut and Pain Webinar

BUY Megaspore NOW (use code DRTYNA)


 Episode 27- Dr. Mariza Snyder on Essential Oils for Pain and Women's Health

So fun to talk to this lady doc about pain, women's hormones and essential oils. Dr. Mariza Snyder is a Women's Hormone, as well as essential oil expert and we will be discussing common oils and their use in pain, hormones, libido and more! She is a dynamic woman and speaker and I know you will enjoy this one.


 Episode 26- Toxic Skin Care with Dr. Anne Marie Fine

Did you know that most of the skin care that you use is toxic? Seriously. And it all absorbs through your skin! When I first learned this back in Naturopathic college I freaked out and threw everything out. Instead of freaking out, I suggest you educate yourself.

Links mentioned in the show:

Digital Courses

Clean Beauty Cheat Sheet


 Episode 25- Dr. Ginger Nash on the Metabolic Consequences of Menopause

Dr. Ginger Nash and I will discuss menopause, what it does to your metabolism and proven, natural solutions that you can implement immediately to begin to balance your hormones.

Links mentioned in the show:



 Episode 24- Microbiome and Lipopolysaccharides Kiran Krishnan

Listen in as I interview Kiran Krishnan about the gut, microbiome and what I believe to be a huge missing link in the field of health. You do not want to miss this. When I heard him once say that sleeping with your dogs will improve your health, I was IN! This guy is smart smart! You'll want to take notes and probably listen to it a few times....


Links mentioned in the show:


BUY MegaSporeBiotic NOW! (use code DRTYNA)

FREE Leaky Gut and Pain Webinar with Kiran and Dr. Tyna




 Episode 23- Staying Sane During the Holidays: The Naturopathic Way with Dr. JoAnn Yanez

Staying Sane Naturally During the Holidays with Dr. JoAnn Yanez . Back to the basics: - Stress - Sleep - Nutrition - Movement - Managing relationships (family and friends) during the holidays. The holidays can be tough. Listen in as Dr. Yanez and I discuss how to keep your wits and your health during this season.

Links mentioned in the show:




 Episode 22- Medical Fitness with JR Burgess

Today I got to talk to one of my dearest friends, the notable JR Burgess on the topic of The Medical Fitness Impact Plan. If you are a doctor, this one is especially important for you. We will be talking about the need for physicians to prescribe medical fitness and the power we have to make change in patients lives.

Links mentioned in the show:

Contact: JRBurgess@RejuvMedical.com




 Episode 21- Adrenal Health and Stress with Dr. Doni Wilson

PFS Radio with Dr. Doni Wilson 1200x1200Dr. Tyna Moore talks with expert Dr. Doni Wilson, ND on all things adrenal health and dysfunction. Learn why this really is the root cause to most hormonal issues.

Links mentioned in the show:

Dr. Doni Willson's Book: The Stress Remedy




 Episode 20- Simple Strategies to live a pain-free, healthy and happy life.with Dr. Joe Tatta

PFS Radio with Dr. Joe Tatta 1200x1200Dr. Joe and I both agree, whole-heartedly, that current pain treatments like meds and surgery DO NOT work for pain. He's incredibly knowledgeable and I know you will gain a lot from listening in! Plus, I adore this man and can not wait to catch up with him, we always have great conversations.

Links mentioned in the show:




 Episode 19- with Dr. Ben Reebs: 7 Reasons Why Naturopathic Medicine is the Future of Medicine

PFS Radio with Dr. Ben Reebs 1200x1200Dr. Tyna Moore interviews Dr. Ben Reebs on the future of medicine and why Naturopathic medicine is the medicine of the future.


Links mentioned in the show:



 Episode 18- "Beyond the Label" with guest Dr. Christina Bjorndal

PFS Radio with Dr. Christina Bjorndal 1200x1200 (1)Join Dr. Tyna Moore as she interviews Dr. Christina Bjorndal about her new book "Beyond the Label", an exploration of mental health from root cause, Naturopathic perspective. You don't have to suffer from chronic depression, there are non-pharmaceutical solutions!

Links mentioned in the show:


Book: Beyond the Label

Book: The Essential Diet




 Episode17- Ketosis and Muscle Building with Mike Mutzel

PFS Radio with Mike Mutzel 1200x1200Excited about this one! Join me tomorrow morning, 10AM PST for my interview with Mike Mutzel, MS! We will be discussing ketosis, muscle, strength training and other related topics. My interview with Mike on Women and Strength Training was a big hit. I'm sure this episode will be equally as interesting as I get to interview him this time around.

Links mentioned in the show:

High Intensity Health





 Episode16- Why Sleep is Critical with Robb Wolf

PFS Radio with Robb Wolf 1200x1200Everything you want to know about Circadian Rhythm and why Sleep is so critically important to your overall health, weight loss efforts, to stave of diabetes and to keep your pain in check. We had a great time on this episode and we discussed actionable steps that you can take immediately to improve your sleep tonight!

Links mentioned in the show:

Robb Wolf's Book: Wired to Eat
Tweet @robbwolf
Follow on IG @dasrobbwolf




 Episode15- Dr. Nasha Winters: "Naturopathic Doctors---the Original BioHackers"

PFS Radio with Nasha Winters 1200x1200
Dr. Tyna Moore interviewing Dr. Nasha Winters on the topic of: "Naturopathic Doctors---the Original BioHackers" We are going to break it down for you. Because, let's be honest, Naturopathy really is the Grandmother of everything that's come since in the functional medicine/biohacking realm. Super excited and you'll want to listen in.

Links mentioned in the show:

Optimal Terrain

Book: The Metabolic Approach to Cancer




 Episode14- Auto-Immune Disease & Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Holly Lucille

PFS Radio with Holly Lucille 1200x1200
How to Navigate Autoimmune Disease with Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Holly Lucille, ND.


Links mentioned in the show:







 Episode13- #moderation365 with Jill Coleman

PFS Radio with Jill Coleman 1200x1200

Jill and I discuss how to quit the all-or-nothing dieting trap and learn to eat the same on Saturday that you do on Monday. Why we binge, and the psychology of food obsession. Problems with the "eat less, exercise more" model of weight loss and how it keeps us struggling. Breaking the cycle using tools like mindfulness, etc.

Links mentioned in the show:


 Episode12- Drainage to Decrease Inflammation & Pain with Dr. Jay Davidson

PFS Radio with Jay Davidson 1200x1200


Dr. Jay and I will dive deep into how optimizing your body's processes of elimination and drainage pathways will help you to help reduce pain.

Links mentioned in the show:

Dr. Jay's Book: How to Fix Lyme Disease


 Episode11- PCOS, Hormones, Exercise and Weight Loss with Dr. Brooke Kalanick, ND

Copy of PFS Radio with Brooke Kalanick 1200x1200


Dr. Brooke and I always dig deep and I learn so much from this lady, I know you will too. We discuss all things strength training, hormones and PCOS. This interview as gold for those of you wanting to know more about hormones and training.

Links mentioned in the show:

Empowered PCOS Podcast


 Episode 10- The Inflammation and Pain of Lyme Disease with Dr. Christine Schaffner, ND

PFS Radio with Christine Schaffner 1200x1200

Lyme Disease is a complicated disease and can lead to a lifetime of inflammation and pain for the afflicted. Listen in while I talk with Lyme expert, Dr. Christine Schaffner about what causes this, why and what can be done about it.

Links mentioned in the show:
Sophia Health Institute



 Episode 9- How Your Hormones and Cortisol are Affecting Your Health with Dr. Carrie Jones, ND

PFS Radio with Carrie Jones 1200x1200

Listen in to learn how your hormones and cortisol are affecting every aspect of your health. I'll be interviewing hormone expert, Dr. Carrie Jones, about all things hormonal. Why can't you lose that extra belly fat? Why do you wake up fatigued and have a hard time getting going? What do your hormones have to do with it? We dig deep into some great information. Not to be missed.

Links mentioned in the show:
The Dutch Test



Episode 8- Muscle and Mindset with Strength & Conditioning Coach Mira Gracia

PFS Radio with Mira Gracia 1200x1200

Strength & Conditioning Coach, Mira Gracia, is MY coach. I have been training with her for some time now at her beautiful gym, Industrial Strength Gym, here in Portland, OR. Coach Mira and I will be talking mindset, muscle and all matters of health, plus why we believe ALL women should lift weights (it's about so much more than fitness).


Links mentioned in the show:
Industrial Strength Gym


Episode 7- Plant-Based Eating with Jacqueline Carly of GetPlanty

PFS Radio with Jacqueline Carly1200x1200
Listen in to hear me discuss what plant-based eating can look like when incorporated into your daily diet. There is no 100% correct way to eat and this will be a great conversation with Jacqueline on the subject.
Links mentioned in the show:
@getplanty on Instagram

  Episode 6- Naturopathic and Botanical Medicine with Dr. Guillermo Ruiz, ND

PFS Radio with Guillermo Ruiz 1200x1200


We will discuss all things Naturopathic medicine as well as Botanical Medicine with Dr. Ruiz. Dr. Ruiz is the host of 30/30 Strong Podcast and a published expert in botanical/herbal medicine.

PFS Radio with Sachin Patel 1200x1200


Dr. Sachin Patel is a guardian of truth and a warrior of light. His superpower is taking complex ideas and distilling them down to their essence with easy to understand analogies. Sachin uses this gift to help transform the lives of thousands of people around the world through his organization, The Living Proof Institute.

Episode 4- What Is Naturopathic Medicine? with Razi Berry



Razi Berry is a champion for Naturopathic Medicine as well as the publisher of NDNR, Naturopathic Doctor News & Review. We will discuss the 6 tenants of Naturopathic Medicine and what differentiates Naturopathic Physicians from other professions in the field.

Links mentioned in the show:


Definition of Naturopathic Medicine


Episode 3- Dr. Tyna Moore: What Makes for a Good Patient to Receive Regenerative Injection Therapies?

Elderly woman squats

When considering Regenerative Injection Therapies like Prolotherapy, PRP and Stem Cells, patient selection does matter. As these therapies rely on the body's own abilities to heal, it's important that the patient's overall health be taken into consideration. Factors such as nutritional status, muscle mass, hormonal profile, gut health and overall wellness all have a big impact on clinical outcomes. Listen in to find out more on what factors count and how to optimize your cell's regenerative powers.


Episode 2- Dr. Tyna Moore: Regenerative Injection Therapies- What Are They All About?



What are Regenerative Injection Therapies? We will dive into the history, application, and mechanism of Prolotherapy and Platelet Rich Plasma therapies for orthopedic conditions and beyond! What are these therapies all about and how can they help you?


Episode1- Pain Free and Strong Radio w/ Dr. Tyna: Introductions!

Radio Image rss tunein.com 1200x1200

Our first show! Who is Dr. Tyna? What is Regenerative Medicine? Why would you want to listen to this show?


Episode 1 Pain Free and Strong Radio with Dr. Tyna Moore




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