Common Cause of Obesity: Malnourishment!

Yes, you read that right. Malnourished and Overfed.

A very common reason that people struggle with obesity is because of starvation via malnourishment.

I won’t beat around the bush (because I never do). Most of the food choices that people make in this country are crap. The “Standard American Diet” (SAD) is terrible for you!

This highly palatable, highly tasty, highly processed chemical poo storm is simply devoid of any nutritional depth. It’s quite literally junk. The bulk of what people eat I would not feed to my dogs.

The problem is, it’s NOT food. It’s actually worse than wood pulp– its brain-hijacking chemicals are designed to keep you coming back for more.


I won’t go into it the details of it because that’s up to you. If you choose to take the red pill, like in the Matrix, Google “Food Supply America”. Then go down the rabbit hole and do your research.

When the body is malnourished of essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats and biome-friendly carbohydrates, it goes into STORE mode. It also goes into HUNGER mode and you want to keep gobbling until that nutritional deficiency need gets met.

To add insult to injury, without proper amino acid intake (in the form of complete protein) you end up depleted of serotonin. When you are depleted of serotonin you want CARBS. So you eat empty carbs like you can’t get enough and still end up starving and malnourished.

Throw in the insulin surge that occurs when you ingest refined carbohydrates, which LOVE to transport and TRAP all the food you eat into your fat cells…and you have a perfect storm.

Blood sugar sky rockets, which essentially caramelizes on the surface of your cell membrane in the form of AGES (Advance Glycosolated End Products), and you AGE quickly. Also, when you have a lot of fat on your body, your body hoards all of its toxins in the adipose cells instead of flushing them out. So it’s like you are wearing a full-body toxin suit.

Lastly, your stem cells in your bone marrow do not work well, both because of these nutritional deficiencies, and also as a side effect of the abundant fat cells on the body.

Yes, it’s all very complicated. Yes, every person has their own story and health profile and genetic code to contend with. HOWEVER– the starting point of the solution is very simple.

Start with food. Start with addressing the nutritional deficiencies.

My favorite book on the subject is literally called “It Starts with Food”. It’s a smart, no BS, easy-to-follow book that I always have sitting in my clinic lobby. You can find this excellent book on my website HERE.

This is not rocket science. There is no reason to complicate it.

Eat whole foods, eat plenty of them, healthy fats, organic produce with lots of greens, clean sources of protein and plenty of filtered water. Do not starve your body of variety and nutrient dense foods. Put down the crap and do not put garbage into your pie hole. Read the book, begin the process of understanding basic biology and how to feed your body. PUT DOWN THE SUGAR, it is Satan.


There is so much great information on the internet about this. Begin your research, follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I post about this topic often. Become informed and above all, FEED YOUR BODY NUTRITIOUS FOODS!

A great start is my FREE 1-hour webinar and Pain-Free & Strong Program.

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In health,

Dr. Tyna

P.S. Stay strong and well-nourished!

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    Also, you commented on the 5 good exercised books for women to strengthen their gluts, can you please send me the titles or let me know where I can find them posted? Thanks, Kay


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