Deadlifts Make You Sexy

It’s no secret, I LOVE deadlifts. I can’t explain why, but just the thought of doing them makes me smile. There is something so primally satisfying about picking up something REALLY heavy off the floor and putting it back down. Sometimes I let the really heavy ones slam down a little at the bottom, which makes me laugh out loud! My personal record on the deadlift is 200 pounds. That is over one-and-a-half times my body weight!

If I can do it, anyone can do it. I used to be a skinny, weak little girl.

LADIES! Deadlifts will make you curvy and strong. Trust me on this! Deadlifts make you sexy.

There are a whole host of benefits to building muscle, which I’ve talked about at length in my podcast and summit interviews.

However, there is something special about deadlifts. It’s partly because you have to use every single muscle in your body to safely and effectively perform them. It’s partly because it’s an excellent posterior chain exercise (that’s the backside of your entire body, from skull to heel), especially for your glutes! Also, because they require a huge neural load, they trigger a surge of human growth hormone, testosterone and more. I also suspect I get a nice buzz of feel-good neurotransmitters (this has not yet been studied, but I know my neurotransmitters and I’m pretty sure what’s happening here is dopamine and GABA).

The bottom line is, deadlifts are very good for you!

Deadlifts are also very dangerous if not performed correctly. (See disclaimer at bottom of page to see if this exercise is a good fit for you).

After many requests, I’ve made a short video on the very basics of the deadlift. This is a good starting point for most people, and a good review for those of you who have been doing them for awhile. I’ve got some solid pearls in here!

I am proud to say that I have been complimented on my deadlift form by many a skilled lifter. One older gentleman, who has been weightlifting for decades, told me it was one of the top 3 in terms of form that he’d ever seen at our gym. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but I’ve studied this move for many years and what I present in this video are some very solid basics. I’ve been taught by some highly skilled coaches and I’m passing those tips on to you.

I LOVE deadlifts and I think you might too!

Happy deadlifting,

Dr. Tyna

P.S. Why are they called deadlifts anyway? I’m told it’s because you are lifting dead weight off the floor from a dead stop.

Disclaimer: This is a “basics” video and any exercise, especially those with added weight, can cause pain and injury if performed incorrectly. If you are in decent shape and have good movement, this video is for you. If you are completely deconditioned, please consult an expert (trained strength and conditioning coach) before starting. ALL of you can and should try the hip-hinge portion of the video. Do not load this exercise with weights until you are confident in your movement and skill.

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