Muscle as Medicine

February 28th, 2018

Last year I published an article in the Naturopathic Doctors News and Review titled “Muscle as Medicine: A Most Naturopathic Anti-Aging Medicine“.

Being as I get asked about it often, I wanted to link it here for all of my readers to enjoy. While it’s a bit technical, as it was written for physicians and health professionals, it is well referenced and information rich.

I hope you enjoy!




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Are You A Good Candidate for Regenerative Injection Therapy?

October 17th, 2017

So many of you have signed up for the Platelet-Rich Plasma 101 School and are finding the content quite valuable.

My Insider’s Guide to Prolotherapy and PRP has all the information that you need about who is and who is not a good candidate for Regenerative Injection Therapies (RIT). Many of you have also reached out about becoming a patient at my clinic and have been so kind as to go through the brief application process.

Here is a list […]

How to Recover From Surgery FAST

May 17th, 2017

I apologize for my absence but I’ve had some health issues that needed handling.

First off, I had a basal cell carcinoma removed from under my breast area. It had been there for a few years and I had let it go. Why? Because basal cells don’t usually kill people. They are slow growing and I was taking my chances. Some call it stupid, but I wanted to make sure I was in a place with my business, travels, and health that I would bounce back from […]

Sugar is Satan

January 13th, 2017

Perhaps I should title this “Sugar: America’s Legal Drug Obsession”, or “Sugar: The Drug We Gladly Feed to Our Children”, or “Sugar: The Root Cause Behind Heart Disease (and most others)”. I could go on and on here.

So, what’s so bad about sugar? It’s everywhere, it’s in everything and everyone seems to be addicted to it. What could be the problem?

10 Reasons Sugar is Satan:

It’s a lot like crack: each drug lights up a different part of the brain, hijacks a certain neurotransmitter pathway(s). Sugar hijacks the brain’s reward center […]

Common Cause of Obesity: Malnourishment!

December 2nd, 2016

Yes, you read that right. Malnourished and Overfed.

A very common reason that people struggle with obesity is because of starvation via malnourishment.

I won’t beat around the bush (because I never do). Most of the food choices that people make in this country are crap. The “Standard American Diet” (SAD) is terrible for you!

This highly palatable, highly tasty, highly processed chemical poo storm is simply devoid of any nutritional depth. It’s quite literally junk. The bulk of what people eat I would not feed […]

11 Ways to Get Better Sleep

July 27th, 2016

I sometimes say that deadlifts fix everything. That is partially true from a musculoskeletal standpoint. However, the real magic is in the rest period.

Sleep is truly the magic fix for what ails you.

I realize that many of you reading this have sleep issues. I had a few years of insomnia myself when I was first building my practice. It was simply terrible.

If you are not sleeping well you can guarantee that it is negatively impacting your pain. Pain is turned down when […]

Deadlifts Make You Sexy

July 18th, 2016

It’s no secret, I LOVE deadlifts. I can’t explain why, but just the thought of doing them makes me smile. There is something so primally satisfying about picking up something REALLY heavy off the floor and putting it back down. Sometimes I let the really heavy ones slam down a little at the bottom, which makes me laugh out loud! My personal record on the deadlift is 200 pounds. That is over one-and-a-half times my body weight!

If I can do it, anyone can do it. I […]

Summer Protein Coffee Cooler “Frap” Recipe

June 24th, 2016

For these warm days ahead I wanted to share my new favorite drink recipe with you! It’s high in protein, with some healthy fats for taste, and gives you a nice dose of coffee (a wonderful herb in my opinion).

It’s just 3 ingredients, very simple, and super refreshing!

I personally start with French pressed coffee from freshly ground beans (antioxidant and polyphenol count is highest in freshly ground beans), add some organic, full-fat coconut milk (from a can), a scoop of my favorite protein powder, […]