Good health and a strong body is not an entitlement. In order to maintain it you have to work at it. You have to make good choices. You have to own it. No one can do it for you.

Core Wellness Clinic is a haven for active people who value their bodies and who understand that good health, strength and vitality is a way of life. It is NOT something that can be found in a single shot, drug, or magic pill. Optimal health is obtained by making the right choices and doing the work needed to achieve it. Good outcomes in Regenerative Medicine treatments depend on this.

Vis Medicatrix Nature - the healing power of nature.

We are committed to the concept that the body can inherently heal itself.  With advances in bio-cellular medicine we are able to implement this concept by harnessing your body's own cells, growth factors and immune system to heal and regenerate your damaged tissues. We promise to treat you as a person, a whole person, by assessing your overall ability to heal well, identifying obstacles to cure from the beginning and not simply throw treatments at you when your body may not be at it's optimal function.

We do this work because we believe that you simply do not have to live with pain, have pain interrupt your life or keep you from doing the active things that you love to do. Whether that is playing with your grandchild, running with your dog or completing in an Ironman event!

Pain does not need to get in the way of life.
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