Less Pain, Harder to Kill, More Sanity… I’m IN!

What can strength training do for you? Besides helping you avoid a hip fracture in the future, there are some very handy aspects to being strong.

I have dabbled in all sorts of exercises and modalities, from running to Pilates to Tae Bo and more. I started as a high level gymnast. I then atrophied into a skeleton in my constant pursuit for thinness.

My mother is a smart woman, she required that I take some sort of exercise course each and every quarter throughout college or else she would not sign off on my student loan checks. Granted, I was living off of Sun Chips, Snapple and cigarettes the entire time, but at least I was doing aerobics a few times a week! She made sure I kept moving, and that was my saving grace in those years of poor health.

Let’s fast forward in time through several rounds of adrenal collapse, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, my autoimmune blood disease that nearly killed my unborn daughter, a sprinkling of other autoimmune diseases and a deep descent into chronic pain. I was lean, straight as a board, had lost my curves and hormones to stress and my constant quest to keep the belly fat off. Flat butt, flat chest, super flat hormones, sick all of the time… but I could fit into my prom dress from high school so that must mean I was winning, right? Dead wrong.

This is where I found strength training. This is where the barbell came into my life and I haven’t looked back since.

I’m training for life, I’m training for immune balance and I’m training for menopause. I worked HARD to put this muscle (and fat!) on my frame and it’s been years in the making. I like my curves and my immune system is no longer collapsing around me. I cherish not being in chronic pain all of the time. And I LOVE being able to move my furniture around my house and open jars ALL BY MYSELF.

Being strong is my goal and should be the goal for human. Listen here to find out why!



My buddy Greg Gottfried from Hammer Shed came to visit me in my clinic awhile back and we broke it down. He’s had me on the show in the past, this time was even better. This is a candid and information filled podcast that I know you will enjoy. Man or woman, learn how strength training can help you and why your goal should be strength as well. Find out what the barbell can do for you!

I hope you enjoy and I urge you to consider getting strong as your goal for the new year. I’ll help as much as I can by providing your resources on why and how in the coming months.

In health,

Dr. Tyna

P.S. One of my friends recently told me that I looked like Wonder Woman. Best compliment ever! Having recently accomplished my goal of deadlifting 200 lbs, I now have a new goal of 100 kilos (220 lbs). Strong sure does feel better than skinny ever did. Skinny hurt!




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