5 Things To Do Now When You’ve Had a Sports Injury

October 21st, 2014

Getting injured is never fun. People often ask me what they should do when they’ve had an acute injury (like a hard bump to the knee, post-workout soreness, a mild sprain or pulled muscles).

So long as it’s NOT a moderate to severe injury (the kind that requires a visit to the doctor), the following advice is my go-to treatment.

1) Alternating Hot/Cold Therapy: 3 min hot/ 30 seconds cold. (not scalding hot, not freezing cold). 3 times a day minimum. This moves the blood around and all the chemicals out that […]

Dr. Tyna’s Top 10 Rules for Weight Optimization

October 13th, 2014

I am often asked what “my secret is” as I am a fairly lean and fit woman who has officially entered “middle age”. So here it is, these are my big secrets. These are the rules I live by.

I really hate to use the term ‘weight loss’ because it’s not really about that. Health is about so much more. It’s about keeping inflammation low, function high, mood elevated, strength high and having endurance. It’s ALL about your hormones and eating/exercising for the overall benefit of healthy hormones.

Although I come from […]