11 Ways to Get Better Sleep


I sometimes say that deadlifts fix everything. That is partially true from a musculoskeletal standpoint. However, the real magic is in the rest period.

Sleep is truly the magic fix for what ails you.

I realize that many of you reading this have sleep issues. I had a few years of insomnia myself when I was first building my practice. It was simply terrible.

If you are not sleeping well you can guarantee that it is negatively impacting your pain. Pain is turned down when people are able to get adequate sleep. So is anxiety, depression and the rest. Everything is better for mammals with optimal sleep.

What is optimal? I would say 7-8 hours for adults and 10-12 hours for children. That is what has been shown in many studies.

Not being able to fall asleep vs. not being able to stay asleep are two completely different beasts. While there is simply no way to figure this out for a person without doing a thorough medical intake and running some labs, I do know a few tips that can help everyone.

I call these simple tricks Sleep Hygiene.

Sleep Hygiene 101:

  1. The bedroom is for sleeping and sex only.
  2. It is not for TV, domestic disputes or computers.
  3. Keep the bedroom on the cool side when possible.
  4. It should be dark as a TOMB when the lights are off.
  5. Blackout curtains are a must! No street light coming in.
  6. Duct tape on all of the LED lights (smoke detector, etc).
  7. Get rid of the electronic alarm clock or cover it.
  8. Pets are a distraction and will rouse you more than you think. (I cannot enforce this myself because I love sleeping with my dogs and have never slept without a dog in the bedroom.)
  9. Ear plugs and an eye mask are very helpful.
  10. Magnesium Gel and Lavender essential oil are calming.
  11. Turn off the computer and phone at least an hour before bed (they emit blue light) and turn down the lights in the room as you wind down.

Things that are impacted by inadequate sleep: obesity, heart disease, cancer, and more.

These things may seem simple, but can make a world of difference when used all together! If you have questions regarding more specific sleep issues, please consult your primary care physician.

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